Where It All Began…

Why the name “addison lane”?  Growing up, Tina and I lived near a main road called Addison Street.  Although we walked around the neighborhood, we never ventured too far, and Addison Street was usually our boundary line.  It was the street where our church was located as well as our small grocery store.  Addison Street is where our friendship began, and so it seemed fitting that “addison” would be part of our name.

The word “lane” has nothing to do with Addison Street.  It came from an joke with us.  Talking to Christina one day, we were talking about the different people that were going to be involved with this album.  We were talking about collaborating with musicians who have specific talents, and I was mentioning how I’d like their input on their specific pieces.  I trusted their expertise and wanted to give them the freedom to be creative without me planning every note.  “I stay in my lane!”  I know what I’m good at, and where I fall short.  I play the piano, I write songs…it’s that simple.  As for all of the other components, I step aside and let people do what they do best.  The phrase just caught on.

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2 years ago

But all the lanes are now coming together, and it’s turning into your first album! Proud and honored that you asked me to be a part of it. Congrats girl! 🙂