Time to Make the Merch

Well, the addison lane designs are ready for the group lettering and the album cover.  There are so many pieces to this project; it’s hard to keep everything straight.  I’m so thankful for the talented people who are helping me out…how can I ever thank them.  The album design is perfect…Rich, you’re amazing.  The website is in the works and coming along…Marisa, you’re so good at what you do, I’m a lucky person to have you.  Irv, the first draft of the video looks great…I can’t wait for the release date.  Now for rehearsals for the upcoming fest.  I’m hoping to have some of our merchandise ready by then, and also available through our website.  It’s weird to think that things have come this far in such a short period of time.  But when focus is put in the right direction, with the right kind of energy, you truly can accomplish anything.

Next step…trademarking our name, and lots of legal jargon that I don’t understand.  Luckily, the US patent and trademark organization has free legal advice through the local Chicago office and the library so I guess I’ll be tackling that next week.

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