Song Writing

Song writing is such a tricky thing.  The more thought I put into it, the worse it seems to sound somehow.  Usually my best ideas are the ones that develop naturally, without planning.  But I have no pattern to write songs.  I often wonder how other musicians come up with their ideas.  How do they get started?  For myself, I cannot plan ahead and then create a song.  I simply sit at the piano and play…everything.  I play whatever comes to my mind at the moment.  Sometimes I play for hours, but all of a sudden, I’ll hear a catchy pattern, or an inspiring melody and I’ll just go with it.  The idea sparks a verse or a chorus, and then the rest is organic.  Just the feel of the song helps the rest of it to evolve, including the lyrics.

After writing for the past five months, you would think that I would be feeling more confident these days, and writing songs with more ease.  Ironically, it’s just the opposite.  The more I write, the more critical I get about my work, the more I push myself to be creative, and the more time I take to study other artists.  I guess it’s like anything in life; the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know…which pushes me even harder to grow and be better every step of the way.

Every song I write is a blessing, whether it ends up on my album or not.   I feel as though the songs are blessings, since I honestly do not know where the ideas come from.  The pieces of the puzzle are coming together so well; I feel as though something higher than myself is putting all of this positive energy into play.

My next move…I need to find a co-writer, someone to bounce ideas off.  So, where are you person?  You’ve got to be out there somewhere; this is Chicago after all!

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