New Ground

So, this music business thing…there’s so much to know that I don’t know. Ah!  Met with a professional recording studio this week, played our stuff and the feedback was amazing!  I can’t restate everything that was said, but it looks like addison lane will be teaming up with some new people.  Helping us with the business side of things will be essential.  First move…hire an entertainment lawyer.  Hm, how does one do that?  HAHA   Anyway, more pieces of the puzzle are just falling into place.

Tomorrow, July 1st, we will be filming our first music video.  The video is for the song “Walking Alone.”  Hopefully we’ll get some footage of “the making of walking alone” that we can post so check out our facebook page and other sites for that.  Can’t wait to eventually post the final video when it’s completed.  This song will definitely be performed at Yippie Fest this summer (Aug. 17th).

And now for sleep…gotta be on point tomorrow!

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