Lineup for Yippie Fest

The song list for addison lane for Yippie Fest has been determined.  Since we only get 30 minutes to play, we can only fit in about five songs.  Three of our first recordings will not be included in the set since the songs were not really meant for live performance.  The next set of three songs were chosen easily since the recordings are done and they are fun songs to play to a crowd.  That leaves two spots, and lots of possibilities.  Working on music this weekend, we had two songs with piano tracks ready for percussion, guitar and vocals, and those were going to fill the last two spots until Christina (vocalist) suggested doing an unplugged version of one of the recent songs.  It’s a beautiful song dedicated to a family member and her three daughters.  Once we heard Johnny’s ideas for the guitar accompaniment we were sold on the idea.

Here’s the list:
*Make It Real (We need everyone to rock out on this one…it will be used for one of our next videos).
*Soldier (dedicated to Briana, Tommy, and Justin)
*Don’t Give Up on Me (dedicated to Anna, Amanda, Kay, and Allison)
*Come As You Are
*Walking Alone (dedicated to Marisa)  ******This song is our first music video and the first song to be released on YouTube and other sites coming soon.

We hope people are available to come out and support us at the fest.  All of the songs are originals, and sometimes it’s difficult to get people to come when there won’t be any cover songs.

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