It’s a feeling…it’s that simple

Writing more and more music these days has poses a slight problem…I really prefer playing and writing on the piano.  Problem is, almost every recording studio only has access to a keyboard, sounds are synthesized, songs are systematic, and every note is perfectly in place.  I have both a piano and a keyboard to use, but until now, all of my songs have been written on the piano.  However, everything is recorded using a keyboard so I never know exactly how things are going to sound until the day of a recording session.

Here’s the thing…nothing can truly replace the authentic sound of a piano.  Even expensive keyboards that have lots of dials and buttons to replicate the piano, can not turn into a piano.  Why?  It’s an emotional connection.  It’s a feeling that can only come from the musician.  On the piano, a musician controls the volume, texture, and sustain…the music is personal; the keys are finessed into a melody.  Every note does not have to be perfect…that’s the beauty of it.  There is no way to copy authenticity.

When I’m alone, writing, creating, playing…I get lost in the music.  I have never experienced that feeling with a keyboard.

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