First Video

July 1, 2018…we shot our first music video near Foster Beach at the lakefront in Chicago.  We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.

3:15 am wake up
on the road by 4 am
at the lake by 5 am and set up
perfect weather … perfect sunrise

We learned a lot about shooting a video that day…what works, what doesn’t work, going off-script at times, being flexible, generating ideas spontaneously that work in the moment, capturing just the right mood/angles/natural lighting/etc…and, working with an awesome videographer!  Four hours later, a sigh of relief, filming was done.  Now for the hard part, the editing and creation of the final version.

Plans for the 2nd and 3rd videos are already underway.  Inside scoop (haha)…the 2nd video will be filmed at the Hyper Fight Club for a song called “Soldier.”  It’s a song dedicated to some very special people…Briana, Tommy, and Justin.  The 3rd song will be filmed during our live performance at Yippie Fest on August 17th so come and rock out with us that night!

And now, back to recording.

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