Fall 2018

Wow, three months since Yippie Fest and I’m first catching up now. No worries…I’ll fill you in.

So Yippie Fest on August 17, 2018 was awesome! It was a great turn-out, we played five songs including our first single “Walking Alone,” and we got some inspiring feedback. We’re hoping to do some more live performances, showcasing the music from the first album in 2019. Everything will be posted on our website and other sites in the near future. In fact, our website is getting a major overhaul right now so please be patient with us.

Merchandise will be coming out in 2019 including t-shirts, hats, and a few other items so don’t forget to check our website for information on ordering addison lane gear.

We now have TWO videos out on YouTube, Walking Alone and Soldier. The first one was done by Irving Vasquez and the second by Robert Banez, two videographers who are growing their businesses in Chicago.

Luckily, we have had the opportunity to work with some very talented musicians and vocalists on this album. On one of our songs, Fireflies, we even worked with a young singer from Nashville who laid vocal tracks for us. Reaching out to other artists expands our perspectives and adds flavor to the creative stuff that we’re writing. The process is overwhelming and exciting at the same time!

Our next two videos will be quite a change of pace. One is a memorial video dedicated to parents and families who have lost someone at a young age. This video will be very special to us since we partnered with Lurie Children’s Hospital and other support groups. The second video will be totally different, a rock song featuring a live performance and a local dance troup from Chicago. In fact, I’m currently on the hunt for a creative director to take on the rock video. That one will be challenging.

Now that I’m back on here, I won’t lag…hopefully!

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