This process is so overwhelming at times…lists of stuff to do, costs that I don’t have, musicians that can be undependable (then again, they’re doing this for free so…), business tasks that are new to me…and then, the idea of the whole thing is so crazy at times.  Doubt is a sneaky thing.  It creeps up on you and tries to derail you.  Staying focused on the goal most important.

My recent adventures include the trademark process, copyrights, merchandise production, advertisements, and other business stuff…this is definitely NOT MY LANE.  But, I knew it wouldn’t be easy so here we go…getting into the backbone of the industry.  When there’s too much to think about, I have the perfect solution…music!

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Christina Amato
Christina Amato
1 year ago

We are with you all the way! What you learn on the industry side of this business will be PRICELESS going forward. Bumps along the way are to be expected. It’s an investment of time, energy, yes money, and HEART! Your team is behind you, so can’t stop now!