Wow, three months since Yippie Fest and I’m first catching up now. No worries…I’ll fill you in.

So Yippie Fest on August 17, 2018 was awesome! It was a great turn-out, we played five songs including our first single “Walking Alone,” and we got some inspiring feedback. We’re hoping to do some more live performances, showcasing the music from the first album in 2019. Everything will be posted on our website and other sites in the near future. In fact, our website is getting a major overhaul right now so please be patient with us.

Merchandise will be coming out in 2019 including t-shirts, hats, and a few other items so don’t forget to check our website for information on ordering addison lane gear.

We now have TWO videos out on YouTube, Walking Alone and Soldier. The first one was done by Irving Vasquez and the second by Robert Banez, two videographers who are growing their businesses in Chicago.

Luckily, we have had the opportunity to work with some very talented musicians and vocalists on this album. On one of our songs, Fireflies, we even worked with a young singer from Nashville who laid vocal tracks for us. Reaching out to other artists expands our perspectives and adds flavor to the creative stuff that we’re writing. The process is overwhelming and exciting at the same time!

Our next two videos will be quite a change of pace. One is a memorial video dedicated to parents and families who have lost someone at a young age. This video will be very special to us since we partnered with Lurie Children’s Hospital and other support groups. The second video will be totally different, a rock song featuring a live performance and a local dance troup from Chicago. In fact, I’m currently on the hunt for a creative director to take on the rock video. That one will be challenging.

Now that I’m back on here, I won’t lag…hopefully!

Well, since the release of our first single and music video, we’ve gotten almost 1100 views on YouTube.  I’ll take that!  Most of the time lately has been spent on rehearsing for the upcoming fest and focusing on all of the promotional work.  That part is no joke, so exhausting…and expensive.  It takes so much time, money, organization, and dedication to get the word out.  It’s hard to reach people with limited funds…and by limited I mean almost no funds.  I’m going to have to turn my vehicle into a mobile advertisement, haha.

Luckily, I found this great group called Chicago Musicians.  It seems like there’s a lot of people using that group to connect with other local musicians and support other bands.  I’ve already had the chance to connect with a few people who are interested in collaborating so that’s cool.

After this fest is over on Aug. 17th, I can get back to business in recording songs for the album.  I’ve had to put that aside while doing everything else.  Although, I never really put things aside; that’s almost impossible.  I still play and write daily, but I just shelve it until we’re ready to work it.

Today was an amazing day! In the seven months from January to July of 2018, I’ve been writing music non-stop,  formed an amazing team of talented musicians and other artists, tackled the business end of the music industry, recorded seven songs with three more in cue, learned a tremendous amount about this whole process, and created my first music video with two more in the works. I knew all the people on this team were great people from the start…that’s why I reached out to them in the first place.  But working with each one on a personal and individual basis has helped me to develop an even deeper appreciation for their artistry. Everyone who is involved in this project has crossed my path for a reason…they are meant to be here.

part instincts – part divine intervention – I am so blessed.

Today was the release of addison lane’s first single “Walking Alone” and the video produced by Irv22photography.  The video is so professionally done; I certainly hope that people recognize his talent and contact him for any photography/video work.  I also hope that people recognize the high quality of the song produced by Amato Studio and Productions. Johnny Amato is an ace at what he does.  Anyone would be lucky to have the opportunity to work with him on their music recordings.

Thinking back about the past seven months, it’s hard to believe that we’ve accomplished so much in such a short period of time.  But, when passion, heart and faith drive your efforts, you’re unstoppable.  When this process first started, it seemed so complicated and overwhelming. At times it still does, but I’m finding that I can make anything happen with the right resources, the drive to push myself to learn new things, patience and a positive attitude which outweighs any glimmer of negativity or doubt.

I’m also finding out how special it is to have such supportive and encouraging friends. Thank you Christina and Tina. Good vibes!

Well, when I finally climb down from the cloud that I’m on today, it’s time to get back to work…trademark/lawyer forms, PR strategies, rehearsals, and oh yea…finishing the song I’m working on (the part I actually love).

This process is so overwhelming at times…lists of stuff to do, costs that I don’t have, musicians that can be undependable (then again, they’re doing this for free so…), business tasks that are new to me…and then, the idea of the whole thing is so crazy at times.  Doubt is a sneaky thing.  It creeps up on you and tries to derail you.  Staying focused on the goal most important.

My recent adventures include the trademark process, copyrights, merchandise production, advertisements, and other business stuff…this is definitely NOT MY LANE.  But, I knew it wouldn’t be easy so here we go…getting into the backbone of the industry.  When there’s too much to think about, I have the perfect solution…music!

Well, the addison lane designs are ready for the group lettering and the album cover.  There are so many pieces to this project; it’s hard to keep everything straight.  I’m so thankful for the talented people who are helping me out…how can I ever thank them.  The album design is perfect…Rich, you’re amazing.  The website is in the works and coming along…Marisa, you’re so good at what you do, I’m a lucky person to have you.  Irv, the first draft of the video looks great…I can’t wait for the release date.  Now for rehearsals for the upcoming fest.  I’m hoping to have some of our merchandise ready by then, and also available through our website.  It’s weird to think that things have come this far in such a short period of time.  But when focus is put in the right direction, with the right kind of energy, you truly can accomplish anything.

Next step…trademarking our name, and lots of legal jargon that I don’t understand.  Luckily, the US patent and trademark organization has free legal advice through the local Chicago office and the library so I guess I’ll be tackling that next week.

This week, a mom lost her 21-year old son due to a car accident.  It’s impossible to explain the devastation, the loss, the emotion…but music seems to say and feel it all.  Life experiences often dictate the music and lyrics that I write.  To this day, I’ve never had a plan before sitting down to write a song.  That’s the beauty and the blessing of it.

Last night, I sat down to play as I do every day, but the only thing on my mind was the life of Anthony Jarvis, a former student of mine who lost his life earlier in the week.  Such a young guy, whole life ahead of him, taken so young…it’s hard to comprehend.  As a mother myself, my heart goes out to his mom in a way that only parents can understand.  Not to take away from anyone’s grief, but the pain of losing a child is something only another parent can fully understand.  He leaves behind two little heartbroken sisters who looked up to him and treated him like a father-figure (their father passed away less than 10 years ago).  This family has been through so much.

Someday, when the time is right, I will play the song for Sam, his mother.  If I can give her solace through music, it would certainly be a blessing.

The song list for addison lane for Yippie Fest has been determined.  Since we only get 30 minutes to play, we can only fit in about five songs.  Three of our first recordings will not be included in the set since the songs were not really meant for live performance.  The next set of three songs were chosen easily since the recordings are done and they are fun songs to play to a crowd.  That leaves two spots, and lots of possibilities.  Working on music this weekend, we had two songs with piano tracks ready for percussion, guitar and vocals, and those were going to fill the last two spots until Christina (vocalist) suggested doing an unplugged version of one of the recent songs.  It’s a beautiful song dedicated to a family member and her three daughters.  Once we heard Johnny’s ideas for the guitar accompaniment we were sold on the idea.

Here’s the list:
*Make It Real (We need everyone to rock out on this one…it will be used for one of our next videos).
*Soldier (dedicated to Briana, Tommy, and Justin)
*Don’t Give Up on Me (dedicated to Anna, Amanda, Kay, and Allison)
*Come As You Are
*Walking Alone (dedicated to Marisa)  ******This song is our first music video and the first song to be released on YouTube and other sites coming soon.

We hope people are available to come out and support us at the fest.  All of the songs are originals, and sometimes it’s difficult to get people to come when there won’t be any cover songs.