Almost Fest Time!

Well, since the release of our first single and music video, we’ve gotten almost 1100 views on YouTube.  I’ll take that!  Most of the time lately has been spent on rehearsing for the upcoming fest and focusing on all of the promotional work.  That part is no joke, so exhausting…and expensive.  It takes so much time, money, organization, and dedication to get the word out.  It’s hard to reach people with limited funds…and by limited I mean almost no funds.  I’m going to have to turn my vehicle into a mobile advertisement, haha.

Luckily, I found this great group called Chicago Musicians.  It seems like there’s a lot of people using that group to connect with other local musicians and support other bands.  I’ve already had the chance to connect with a few people who are interested in collaborating so that’s cool.

After this fest is over on Aug. 17th, I can get back to business in recording songs for the album.  I’ve had to put that aside while doing everything else.  Although, I never really put things aside; that’s almost impossible.  I still play and write daily, but I just shelve it until we’re ready to work it.

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