Who is addison lane


Laurie Green

Laurie Green is a songwriter from Chicago, Illinois and the founder of the group, addison lane. Laurie started playing music at the age of six. It has been her passion all of her life. She has experimented with alto saxophone, percussion, and guitar, but she always comes back to her roots on the keys.

Laurie wrote numerous songs for theater, taught dance, and directed local plays, but all of her focus now is on her current music. Recently, she formed addison lane in order to record her original music, mostly rock and pop songs using influences from many different artists. She’s ready to share her debut album and meet music fans from everywhere.


Christina Grace

Christina Grace is an American singer/songwriter/musician, born and raised in Chicago. Her professional career began in Canada, where she met famed producer/songwriter Randy Moore. Her first CD, “That’s What You Think,” (2001) was released in Canada, Europe and the United States.

Her single, “I See Only You,” made it to #4 on the European Indie Charts, and her single, “Better Times,” received some airplay in the U.S. on select radio stations.


Johnny Amato

Johnny Amato has been playing guitar all over the Midwest for over 35 years. He has been in numerous bands and has composed six albums.

He is currently working on his seventh album in addition to recording, producing, mixing and performing on all the songs for addison lane at his recording studio in Darien, IL.


JP Gutierrez

JP Gutierrez born and raised in the best city ever, Chicago, IL! He started playing drums at the tender young age of 18 and has been playing for over 25 years across all of the Midwest; with several CDs recorded.

His father was also a drummer, who toured the Chicago scene and even recorded some albums. We guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


Tina Teske
Background Vocals
Song: One More Day
Song: Make It Real

Renee Hughes
Lead Vocals
Song: Soldier

Ken Devane
Song: One More Day

Kenwood the Goodest
Song: Livin’ Angel

Chris White
Song: MacKenzie Rose


Irving Vasquez
Song: Walking Alone

Robert Banez
Song: One More Day
Song: Soldier

Richard Schreiber
Logo and Art Designs

Briana Green
Social Media

Tommy Green
Social Media

Dov Gurewicz
Song: Come As You Are

Raul Cruz
Digital Marketer
Website Design